Brandon's Volkswagen Up!

Brandon's Volkswagen Up!

Owner: Brandon
Status: Main car
Build: 2018 (3cylinder)
Engine: 999 cc Petrol
Power: 44 kW / 60 PK
0-100 km/h: 14,4sec
Import: No


Aaah Brandon's Volkswagen Up, Arguably the best beginners-car on the market. Very cheap to drive and maintain, well it's still a Volkswagen, so you might need to pay the VAGpremium price for repairs... The 3-cylinder engine makes a surprisingly nice sound and the car drives like a Volkswagen. That's a good thing.


As far as I know, Brandon didn't have any issues with his car (yet...).

After his car came back from the garage for a service we noticed that they forgot to screw in the cabin filter. After Brandon went full throttle (23km/h!!! jk) the filter came flying out.

Modifications & fun:

Brandon hasn't modified his car, well that's not completely true. He decorated his interior with MacDonalds burger wrappings, sauces, and napkins.

You can find more videos about Brandon's Up on our Instagram page here.

Why did you buy a Volkswagen up?

So I asked Brandon, Why did you buy a Volkswagen up;

Brandon: "It's an economical car and drives great."

All media

More pictures will be added soon.

Video's Brandon's car starred in:

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