My Audi A3

My Audi A3

Owner: Sepp
Status: Sold
Build: 2007
Engine: 1798 cc Petrol
Power: 118 kW / 161 PK
0-100 km/h: 7.5sec
Import: Yes (Germany)


There is not much I can say about my Audi A3, it's a fun little car and I especially wanted one with a Dual Clutch gearbox. Either that or one with a manual. I was looking at a 2.0L TFSI version but I came across this one. This one was very beaten and cheap, so I saw it as a project. The engine was fine and there were a lot of cosmetic issues.

The previous owner removed the mid-silencer and placed an S-badge logo on the rear hatch. That had to be fixed, but the little middle straight-pipe actually sounds good.

Terrible s-badge...


Cleaning & Interior piece:
The car was quite dirty, that was to be expected from a second-hand beaten cheap car. And it was missing a b-pillar plastic trim, which I found in the rear of the car. So I reattached that.

I also had to glue some parts together in the center console.

Door handle:
I bought the car with a broken door handle. (driver side) so I had to fix that, luckily it's a cheap fix.

Milage registration:
For some reason, the milage registration at the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) got messed up. So after a long and irritating process, I got it to be correct.

I bought the car with a broken windshield, god knows what the previous owner did to this car...

And after it got replaced:

I also had to repair the right headlight adjustment motor, for some reason it failed and I had to get it replaced to get the Audi through the annual check.

Modifications & fun:

I haven't done many modifications to the car (yet), it frankly doesn't need them. It gets me from a to b, and cheaper than my s-class did ;).

But that doesn't mean I did nothing to the car, and of course we still had a lot of fun with it!

The sound:
The sound the exhaust makes without the mid-silencer is quite good, shifting the DSG into the next gear at around 4-5k RPMs even makes it fart! (Haven't filmed that yet...)

The "straight-pipe"
The sound.

Installing a Bluetooth module to the OEM radio made it even easier to use with a mobile phone, for music and calls. It connects to the cd-changer bus, so you can use the steering wheel controls to manage your songs.

Bluetooth Freisprechen AUDI A3 8P A4 B7 TT 8J Concert Chorus 2+ 3 BNS 5.0 RNS-E | eBay
Bluetooth Freisprechen AUDI A3 8P A4 B7 TT 8J Concert Chorus 2+ 3 BNS 5.0 RNS-E | Auto & Motorrad: Teile, Autoelektronik, GPS & Sicherheitstechnik, Elektronikzubehör | eBay!
The exact product I bought.

I forgot to make pictures...

Finally, I removed the ugly fake aliexpress s badge.

End result!

And of course the timely DIY oil change.

How? How are you going to drift with a front-wheel-drive car? Simple, use trays!


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Why did I buy an Audi A3?

So I asked Myself, Why did I buy an Audi A3;

I needed a fun and more economical car than my previous one, the s-class became too expensive... I guess mission accomplished

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none, yet...

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"Fake S-badge moment"

-seppdroid 03/03/2022