Thomas's (short-lived) Opel Corsa

Thomas's (short-lived) Opel Corsa

Owner: Thomas
Status: Traded
Build: 2019
Engine: 1398 cc Petrol
Power: 66 kW / 90 PK
0-100 km/h: 13.2sec
Import: Yes


Thomas needed a reliable and cheap to own car to get to and from work. So he traded the GTI For this car.

- Cheap insurance
- Cheap road tax
- Very low fuel consumption

- Not a Polo GTI 😭


none, was to be expected.

Modifications & fun:

No modifications and not allot of fun, to be expected.

The night after Thomas bought this car Dirk and I put a parking ticket on his windshield with a note on the back mocking him with "Nice car".

It wouldn't be the Netherlands without it raining and nearly ruining the joke

how Thomas found it the next morning

Why did you buy the Opel Corsa?

So I asked Thomas, Why did you buy an Opel Corsa;

"I needed a cheap and efficient car to get to work"

All media

More pictures will be added soon.

Video's the Corsa starred in:

none, yet...

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